Albir Supermarkets open on Sundays

Summer is here and Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. These are the new summer opening hours for Albir supermarket on a Sunday.

Currently in Spain there are certain laws that restrict shops opening on Sundays. During summer and holiday periods (Christmas and Easter etc.) all the major supermarkets will open on Sundays. During off season peak times they will not be open.

Smaller supermarkets are open. I would suggest trying Quicksave or the Albir Mini Market.

With the arrival of summer in Albir the supermarkets give us extended hours to do our shopping. Laws in Spain only allow supermarkets to open on a certain number of Sundays in a year, this was to assist small independent supermarkets and mini markets who needed to take a day off.

Now that summer has arrived all the supermarkets have taken advantage to open later in the evenings and also open on Sundays. This is a great benefit to both residents and holiday makers.

Below we list the main (chain supermarkets) in Albir and the new hours of operation for Sundays during the summer months.

aldi supermarket albir
Aldi supermarket in Albir

Aldi Supermarket, Carrer Rambla de l’Albir, 12, 03581 l’Alfàs del Pi, Alacante,  900 902 466

Open Monday to Saturday – 9AM to 10PM, Open Sunday – 10AM to 9PM


Albir supermarket
Consum supermarket

Consum Supermarket, Avenida de l’Albir, 03580 l’Alfàs del Pi, Alacante,  966 86 73 29

Open Monday to Saturday – 9AM to 9:30PM, Open Sunday – 9AM to 2:30PM


Lidl in Albir
Lidl in Albir is open on Sundays

Lidl Supermarket, Av de l’Albir, 84, 03580 L’Alfàs del Pi, Alicante,  900 958 311

Open Monday to Sunday (every day) – 9AM to 10PM


Albir supermarket
Mendoza Supermarket Albir


Supermercado Mendoza, Camí Vell d’Altea, Albir 03581, Alacant

Open Monday to Saturday – 8:30AM – 9:00PM, Open Sunday – 9AM to 3PM


Mercadona Supermarket
supermarkets in Albir

Mercadona Supermarket, Camí Vell d’Altea, 47, 03580 l’Alfàs del Pi, Alacante


Open Monday to Saturday – 9AM to 10PM, Open Sunday – 9AM to 3PM


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