Albir Junction : Second Phase Development

McDonald’s Junction on N332 Albir

The second phase of road improvements will hopefully soon be underway. But first there is the hurdle of choosing the contractor for the works and agreeing the price and timescales. So it could be a while before anything starts!!

This SECOND PHASE has been in the pipeline and talked about for many years, it could be that it will eventually happen.

Mcdonalds Junction Albir
Albir junction

Everybody I know of has some form of issue with the main junction entrance into Albir by McDonald’s and the Hostal Ventorrillo. Everybody we speak to has said that a proper roundabout here would make sense. It has been proposed, and then shelved, and then proposed again. In this time two other roundabouts have been added and numerous road improvements undertaken. Yet still the widely recognised “worst road junction” in Albir remains a nightmare for road users.

New Roundabouts Planned

The work will include two new roundabouts. One at the McDonald’s junction itself and the other a few hundred metres towards Benidorm at the junction of the N332 and Av. Sant Pere, that runs past the doctors clinic down to Albir Gardens Resort. The roads will be given proper filter lanes and much needed pedestrian crossings over the N332..

There will also be the continuation of the cycle lanes up to and around both of these new roundabouts. These will eventually link all the way from Albir centre to L’Alfas Del Pi centre.

mcdonalds albir roundabout
Proposed new Albir roundabout McDonald’s

Contractors are currently submitting their proposals, costs and timescales. The deadline for submission is 6pm on 7th March 2022. The base bidding budget for the work is almost 1,6 million Euros. The duration of work is given as 12 months.

Hopefully the contractor for the work will be decided soon and they get it started shortly afterwards. In any event it is unlikely that there will be any completion before the summer of 2023.

More can be read (in Spanish) on Calvari.

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