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Today, Sunday 3rd May, Spain saw it’s lowest Coronavirus fatalities since mid March. This is great news and shows that the virus is not being transmitted as it was, thanks to the lockdown and social distancing.

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Albir lockdown deescalation update

The warm weather has brought all the barbecues out. Families in gardens enjoying themselves is great to see and hear. The smells of food cooking, coming from all directions, wiping away the reality of the current situation. Making people forget the latest Covid-19 updates.

On Saturday evening an announcement from the Spanish Health Ministry updated and gave more details regarding the easing of restrictions and deescalation measures. One of which stuck in my mind last night. There was so much gossip and excitement regarding the Albir Sunday market opening. I was a more than a little sceptical.

We are still in state of alert, social distancing is still very much a necessity. So why is an open air market (albeit only for fruit and veg) even being considered.

The currently established major points of the 4 phase deescalation, in brief, are that PHASE 0 (the phase that begins on Monday) has not changed. Hairdressers, food collection and a timetable for daily exercise is to be started. Markets are definitely not allowed.

The Albir Market

PHASE 1, which is scheduled to start on Monday 11th May is much the same as announced on Thursday. One main change is that cafés and restaurants with sidewalk tables or terraces are allowed to open and now can cater for 50% of their capacity, instead of the originally proposed 30%. It seems that peer pressure from business outweighs public health recommendations. Another main part of PHASE 1 deescalation is that open-air markets can open but will be limited to 25% of their usual capacity. How is this to be controlled? If markets can open from 11th May then why was Albir market opened today?

The market was closed down pretty quickly. Authorities giving excuses regarding a few traders not adhering to rules as to the reason for the shutdown. I guess these reasons were given in an attempt to spare the blushes of local council and traders, who clearly got it completely wrong.

Groups allowed to meet up

Another addition in PHASE 1 is the ability for groups of up to 10 people to meet, either in public or at someones house. However social distancing is still required so you must be at least 1 metre apart. Not so easy for those with a small kitchen. This rule does not mean that you can go on a boys or girls night out to the pub.

Empty streets Albir
Abstract Albir beach during Coronavirus lockdown

Still lots of things to think about. The mixed messages of lockdown and return to normality are clearly causing to much confusion. Trying to keep to economy going and keep people safe cannot it seems be done together.

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