Red flag still flies, but I can now get my hair cut

The summer weather continues, but the red flags at the Albir beach still fly reminding us that the lockdown and Coronavirus pandemic is far from over. It is not expected for the beaches to be open until late June at the earliest. However progress is being made.

Albir Beach red flag
Beach closed, but some business re-open

Spain announced mortality figures of under 200 deaths for the last two days in a row. Infections are also decreasing. We must remember though that these are figures from over the weekend, and these are normally low due to delayed reporting.

For the first time since mid-March both Valencia region and Murcia region reported NO DEATHS on Sunday. Hopefully the trend continues.

Some life returned to the streets of Albir today. Some smaller shops were allowed to open. The ferreteria and hairdressing salons have opened. There was a queue outside most banks as the elderly finally managed to get out of the house to deal with urgent financial business. Also many food establishments have now reopened for take away and delivery service.

Albir beach and lighthouse
Deserted beach in Albir during the Coronavirus lockdown
Hair Salons in Albir

I for one am now happy that I can finally get my haircut. Salons, barbers and hairdressers are open for appointment only and must follow strict health and safety guidelines. Many are now fully booked up for this week in an effort to tidy up a town full of crazy mopheads.

Here is a list of from our directory of salons now taking bookings.

Mogwai Traditional Barbers

Hush Salon

Dream Salon

Peluqueria DiMilano

A full list of salons listed on the Albir guide and and directory can be found here:

-> Albir Hairdressers and Salons

Stay safe. If you like the articles and this site, use the full directory to find everything Albir has to offer. Register a free account to add your business, leave comments or add reviews. You can also follow us on Instagram to see more Albir photos.

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